Passenger Lifts

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Passenger lifts

Smooth, comfortable, high efficiency and energy saving​

OneAim supplies Commercial Passenger Lifts in standard sizes from 630 to 5000 kg.

OneAim passenger lift has a completely enclosed lift car that travels vertically within a specially prepared lift shaft.

Passengers are transported between floors at reasonably quick speeds, and the control systems are often designed to give the most economical distribution of passengers throughout the building. OneAim passenger lift is the very space efficient which is primarily designed for installation in existing buildings where space is at a premium, or the building is not capable of taking extra horizontal loading.

Features And Advantages

Technical Features

Commercial & Passenger Lifts

Talk to us early in the planning stages, as there are a number of decisions to be made early in the design phase that can save you significant costs later on.

You need to consider the following: