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We provide a full range of quality lifts and escalators.

At OneAim Pty Ltd, our team appreciates your requirements, which is why OneAim is the first choice and market leader.

OneAim’s home elevator already in some of the most luxurious homes in Australia, Our abilities to deliver is proven.

We take the benefits of installing an elevator at your home in Australia, one step further. Our elevator specialist can help you fully realise and know the full barbital of the need of a certified home elevator. We go to great lengths in using our expertise to ensure you get the best value possible.

We look forward to meeting with you and working for you.


Cost Effective

We achieve affordable quality by combining Australian engineering, global components, and world-class manufacturing plants in Asia.

Effortless Installation

Our home lifts are self-supported, and the fitting requires minimal work, which translates into lower costs and higher installation speed.

Energy Efficient

All of our home lifts, passenger lifts, and escalators are designed and built to be the most energy efficient lifts and escalators as possible.

Why choose us

High quality standards, high performance, and efficient.


The New series II has been designed with the smoothest yet strongest curved design profile. OneAim Home lifts are built with galvanised steel, aeronautical grade aluminium, and engineered glass, making them the market’s strongest and least intrusive self-supporting structured option.


Safety being the primary driver of our company, The new Series models have four layers of emergency safety standard. Tested under multiple arduous conditions to comply with the most demanding high standards, the OneAim's Series stands to be the safest home lift in the market.


Comfortably reaching up to ten meters of travel, the Series II provides impeccable performance in terms of flexibility and accessibility. OneAim home lifts have been designed to fit in any home and for any need.