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Home lifts

Designed to be comfortable, quiet and energy efficient


Diverse range of hanger hall indicators, and cabinet decoration to suit any home or design style.

STO Safety Controls

Equipped with STO safety control technology, to make sure the safe and secure performance of the home lift

Advanced Technology

The most advantaged driving technology, with energy conservation and lower motor electromagnetic noise.

Smart Connected

You can check the running and maintenance situation via mobile app to satisfy the client.


Commercial lift sizing from 360kg to 5,000kg


Different Sizes

Commercial passenger lifts in a range of sizes, starting at 630kg, all the way through to 5,000kg.

Economical Running

Control systems designed to give the most economical distribution of passengers throughout the building.

Easy Installation

Space efficient, which is primarily designed for installation in existing buildings where space is at a premium.

High Demand Capacity

Suitable for high demand service such as hospitals, medical facilities and commercial buildings.


Smooth, comfortable, high efficiency and energy saving

Simple Design

Efficient design with an appearance that is simple and elegant, commodious and modern.

High Quality

With high attention to the precision of each component, we manufacture durable escalator products with first-class quality.

Energy Efficient

Advanced technology and sensors, with passenger detection and automatic start and stop function of escalator.

Fast Installation

Our efficient installation program is simple and fast, saving on your overall installation costs.