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Smooth, comfortable, high efficiency and energy saving

OneAim Escalator’s appearance is simple and elegant, commodious and modern. With outstanding performance, whether in airports, railway stations, hotels, or shopping malls, it can be perfectly integrated with buildings, bringing passengers a comfortable and convenient ride experience. Our experienced professional team create high strength truss by choosing high-quality raw materials and using automatic machinery production lines. They also pay much attention to the precision of each component, adopting advanced technology, manufacture durable escalator products with first-class quality.

Smooth, Comfortable, High Efficiency and Energy Saving

Advanced technology and sensors realizes automatic start and stop function of escalator, which can automatically start when passengers coming and riding, and automatically stop to save energy when there is no one to ride it. It not only ensures the escalator can speed smoothly in the three modes of start-run-stop, but also reduces the energy consumption in operation.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

In the initial stage of product design, our experienced engineers carefully consider all details of escalator, and strive to achieve the best configuration of the components, so that the owner can feel ease in future operation and maintenance.

Before delivery from factory, escalator parts are assembled and tested by our professional engineers to ensure its reliable operation, and then divided into sections, packed and transported. When our clients receiving the goods, they could find that the installation program is simple and fast, which can greatly save your installation cost.