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Designed to be comfortable, quiet and energy efficient

OneAim Home lift design is comfortable and quiet, energy efficient, it uses permanent magnet synchronous gearless motor which reduce 30% energy consumption, will be more efficient and lower noisy, which avoid the pollution from gear oil, so that’s a green and environmental traction machine; it also uses high performance driving technology, with the special control algorithm, update the starting experience to the commercial elevator standard level; meanwhile the most advantaged driving technology will be used on the energy conservation and lower the motor electromagnetic noise; the control cabinet use the new noiseless design, small size to make the lift more fitting for the home environment.

OneAim Home lift is safe and secure. It is equipped with STO safety control technology, to make sure the safe and secure performance of the home lift; It uses the star sealing solution design plans which can totally solve the sudden brake problem of the cabinet occurs the emergency stop, free of the risk. The terminal use the software and hardware double confirm the redundancy protection to secure the safe running; It is also equipped with automatic rescue function, emergency rescue when power off, electric brake and emergency button located in the cabinet to pacify the passenger. The accurate historical date storage will satisfy the client to get the exact elevator default information.

OneAim Home lift innovates Intelligent interconnection. With the new modern developed technology, combined with elevator IOT, service platform, man-machine interaction to monitor the status, environment and default of the elevator. The client can check the running and maintenance situation via mobile app to satisfy the client.

OneAim Home lift designs diverse hanger hall indicators, easy installation, aesthetic and practical; elaborate design of cabinet decoration, natural and graceful, colourful and rich style will be more fitting for the luxury and peaceful atmosphere.

OneAim Home lift installs the motor will be arranged on the guide rail, though shock absorbing structure separate the concrete wall, avoid the motor vibration on the guide rail. Due to the separation of the motor and concrete wall, free of the reaction and deformation result from thermal coefficient of expansion. That will make the installation of motor easier, which decrease the dependency and increase the adaptability of the structure.

OneAim Home lift designs the cabinet to use the triplex shock absorbing design, the passenger will feel more comfortable and steady, the roller guide shoes separate the guide rail, decrease the external vibration on the cabinet through the professional anti-vibration structure on the top and bottom of the cabinet. The cabinet ceiling uses the mechanical lock device, upper mechanical blocking device, the pit use the lower mechanical blocking device, ensure the technician safety.

OneAim Home lift integrates the scientific overall layout, optimised structural design and components options. The efficiency of installation increase three times over the past year, work will be easier. Considerate cost control, cost less on the home lift and live the better life.